Access exceptional trading conditions and competitive pricing with Earnex

Benefit from the Earnex's bespoke liquidity solutions and top-tier trading conditions to maximise your trading experience. Here at Earnex, we strive to create a trading environment that answers to traders' requirements. Our team of industry specialist with many years of experience in performing continuous research to make sure you can enjoy competitive pricing, fast execution and access to reliable and updated information.

Trading CFDs involves significant risks.

Liquidity Solutions

Our liquidity solutions are propped by a state-of-art technology, a base for every online trading broker's success. Our customised, institutional level platform Earnex Swift developed through our outstanding partnership with SmartTrade, one of the global leaders in trading technology, ensure that our clients are getting the best tools available in the market.

Earnex Swift Benefits for Earnex Clients
  • Execution with extremely low latency
  • Multi-level pricing
  • No re-quotes
  • In-depth insight into the market
  • Unique liquidity distribution, thanks to order-crossing technology
  • Greater flexibility in execution, thanks to access to 50+ venues
  • Optimized client setups, through customisable order routing workflows
  • Best pricing between parties, as there is no charge per million traded for clients or LPs
Trading CFDs involves significant risks.