Trading In Gold Never Gets Old

In uncertain economic times, there is always one commodity you can back on - precious metal. At Earnex, we strive to pool liquidity from multiple sources to provide you with Silver and Gold's competitive prices. Opening an account with Earnex allows you to trade CFDs on precious metal with tight spreads starting from 17 points.

Trading CFDs involves significant risks.

What Are Metals ?

Gold and Silver are rare, naturally formed chemical elements. Their qualities and the difficulty in finding them have made them extremely valuable throughout history. Today, trading in precious metals has developed to a point where traders no longer need to own Silver or Gold to benefit from the market's potential profits. Trading via CFDs is based on speculating the price fluctuation of the precious metals, and traders widely use it to diversify their portfolios and effectively reduce their risks.

300+ CFD Instruments - 7 Asset Classes - Exceptional Trading Conditions

Trade with an edge with a regulated STP broker. Earnex offers you a wide range of trading products and instruments, enabling you to build your strategies with confidence. Open the Earnex account that best suits your requirements and enjoy your state-of-the-art trading experience.

Trading CFDs involves significant risks.