Tap Into The Prolific Market Of The Digital Currencies

Here at Earnex, we always strive to provide our clients with the maximum variety of trading opportunities. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, have made the headlines and became a lucrative addition to traders diversified portfolios. At Earnex you can open your special Earnex Crypto account with a minimum deposit of just $500 and benefit from the security offered by the negative balance protection.

Trading CFDs involves significant risks.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have become a phenomenon of the financial industry which has been rarely encountered before. The Bitcoin is considered the pioneer cryptocurrency, attracting the attention of investors and traders due to its price soaring to unexpected levels. The technology used in cryptocurrencies can have many applications in everyday life with some analysts stressing that it has already changed the world of international payments forever.


CFD Cryptocurrencies Risk Warning: Cryptocurrencies as a trading product is complex and subject to high capital loss risk. Additionally, they're extremely volatile and can lead to a significant loss over a short period. Trading with cryptocurrencies is not suitable for all investors. You should not trade in them unless you fully understand these products' specific characteristic and the risks related to them. Please, make sure you have carefully read and understood the clauses concerning cryptocurrencies and the risk involved in trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies in the Terms and Conditions section from our Legal Documents


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Trade with an edge with a regulated STP broker. Earnex offers you a wide range of trading products and instruments, enabling you to build your strategies with confidence. Open the Earnex account that best suits your requirements and enjoy your state-of-the-art trading experience.

Trading CFDs involves significant risks.