Earnex Trading Opportunities

Earnex focuses on covering a wide range of financial products. Thus the clients can build diversified portfolios and explore the profit potential of various markets.

Futures and Options types of derivatives attract traders by offering opportunities to reduce future capital risk through pre-determined prices. Qualified Earnex clients can tap into the largest futures and options markets – forex futures, metals futures, options futures, equities futures and commodities futures.

The Contracts For Difference (CFDs) are gaining strong momentum among novice and experienced traders. Across Earnex, they can benefit from trading CFDs’ lucrative earning potential on forex, metals, indices, equities, bonds, oil and cryptocurrencies.

Qualified clients start their Earnex experience by placing an initial deposit in their Earnex account. The broker offers five live accounts. Earnex Micro target beginner traders’ needs as it includes many educational resources to help them enhance their knowledge and expertise. The account has a minimum deposit starting from 100 (USD/GBP/EUR).

Earnex Elite and Earnex VIP are designed to answer the requirements of more advanced traders. They have an initial deposit level starting from 2000 (USD/GBP/EUR) and the clients can rely on top-tier trading tools and cutting edge Robo-advisors.

Additionally, Earnex welcomes potential clients through the Earnex demo account. They can explore the trading opportunities of the broker in a risk-free environment without any capital risk.

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